September 13, 2010

SOAKing North West Style

Some of you may know that our family went to SOAK, a regional Burning Man event here in Oregon, this past summer. The kids had a blast. The weather was beautiful! A little hot, but with a swimming hole on the property was a fast fix. The people we met-WOW! Fast friends and family friendly. I can't talk more about the location, in the woods and breathtaking. It was all so pleasant. Malachi got to wander all over in the woods, but the best part was watching her with Gabriel and Guillermo in her red rider wagon. I forgot to get pictures of that, but imagine her loaded into it with the canopy shading her and blankets piled in to cushion the ride. She would point and Guillermo would pull in the direction she wanted. The girl even had Gabriel holding her toys and bubbles. It was so great to see her leadership skills come out! It was so beautiful to be with my whole family for the burn.

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