January 13, 2009

Thank God Babies Are Cute

Cory and I were talking about this just today. All babies in fact are pretty darn cute. Especially furry ones. I think that may be the reason there are so many animal-themed clothes in the baby section of clothing stores. I have fallen prey to this fashion obsession myself. I think the reason stems from not wanting to eat baby anything. A type of reminder as it were. And in this family, jokes are all around about eating our children. Strangely enough Gabriel has been adamant about not eating his baby sister. Though his favorite activity lately has been to quack like a chicken at my stomach and honk like a duck. Then he whispers to me, " The baby will think we have chickens and ducks all over the house!" Just the idea that he will be able to trick another person gives him such joy.

I am doing great in this pregnancy. The morning sickness a thing of the past, and now that I've hunted down B-12 shots I am a much happier mother of a vampire baby. I also have more energy, but that could also be due to the fact I've hit the four month mark. And I'm very excited about buying pink clothing!!!