December 30, 2008


So this was the first test. I kind of messed it up the first time. Swirling it around for a full ten seconds and not just ten times is a factor, as is replacing the cap. Reading the directions completely always helps! It really is not the time to skim! The test showed split results. So, I was okay for the first couple of hours, then just started crying. Cory thought it would be good idea to get another test for all of us. Well, mostly for me. This is the second test with results.
Hip, hip, hooray!
Now, any ideas for names?

December 29, 2008

To Date

11/10/08 We found out that I was pregnant! How very exciting!

11/18/08 First bout of morning sickness. No more chicken tiki marsala for me, thank you.

12/15/08 Cory and I heard Vampire Baby's heartbeat today. Thump-a-thump-a-thump!

12/29/08 The three of us braved our way out past Beaverton, Oregon to pick up an Intelligender. This little pee in a cup and determine the sex of the baby. We find out in the morning!