April 8, 2009

Our First Class

Cory and I attended our first HypnoBirthing class tonight. The name of our instructor is Kristen, so that's an easy one to remember. The class lasted for three hours, but didn't seem that nearly that long. We saw two birth videos at the end of class which were very graphic. Graphic but short. With me looking to become a doula in the future, having already had one child and liking to research everything to death, I knew what birth looks like. Messy, bloody, wet and a little ouchy. Mr. Coryson, having been there when his little brother was born and living with me has seen either first hand or in pictures, so he was just fine. We both shared the opinion that it didn't look all that bad. Actually rather easy in fact. Take this with the knowledge that the two births we saw were natural without the use of interventions but in a hospital setting. Some of the other soon to be parents did not take it all quite so easily. In fact, two of the guys looked kind of sick near the end of the clips and one woman looked absolutely horrified. Also of note, I am the only woman in the group of 7 women, including instructors, who have had a child. That is so very strange to me, having lived in Utah for so long. Although I think that too many people have children before they are ready, it seems practically a epidemic in Utah. But who am I to talk. When is anyone ever ready for kids?! Cory and I are the only people in the group who have chosen to give birth at home. Everyone else is planning a hospital birth with a midwife. I had originally thought, living in Portland there would be a higher incidence for home birth. I suppose that is true overall percentage wise, but I was hoping to meet other parents more like Cory and myself. People who shared our beliefs and values, especially when it came to childbirth and parenting. Anyway, the class was fun, relaxing and informative. I think I'll be contacting the local La Leche League here in Portland to gain support with breastfeeding. With Gabriel, breastfeeding was something I really struggled with. It is such a different world living with a partner who supports me and I am so grateful for that.