March 30, 2009

Six Months Along Now & No Names In Sight...

Gabriel has taken up talking to my ever growing belly just about every day. He tells his little sister all about the wonderfulness of Poke'mon and what he did in school that day. He sings to the baby growing inside and kisses my roundness and pats it sweetly. The baby bumps him back and he smiles or frowns depending on the day. Sometimes asking if everything is okay? When I reply yes, he questions, "Then why did she kick me?"

Cory sings to the little one, mostly "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". He tells her he is looking forward to seeing her. He wants her to grow big and healthy. He kisses my belly and is so kind to me. He dreams on noshing on her feet.

I speak to my little friend and tell her she is a vampire baby and I like it when she kicks. I tell her what I'm eating, what I'm reading and when I lay down in bed I like to poke her and feel her poke back. My favorite positions to rest in she seems to hate. I like to lay on my belly or curl over my stomach and just chill. She lets it known that this is not comfortable for her.

It is so different being pregnant this time. With Gabriel, when I was pregnant, I was less hormonal and had more energy. This time around it already feels like I'm sharing all my internal space with this person who is strong and BIG. Kick, kick, kick. Roll, thump, flip. All of these acrobatics around in my midsection, with no concern for the landlord. It's sweet though having all these warm and fuzzy's for my tenant.

Our only real trouble seems to be her name. It is still a mystery to us. Oh well, we still have three months or so left.