September 13, 2010

Blast From Christmas Past: 2009

For Christmas this year Cory and I knew that seeing family wasn't going to happen. We wanted to stay in Oregon and spend the holidays in our new home. I thought a trip to The Meadows, a local ski resort here would be a fun activity for us all and may help cheer us all up. I rented a hotel room, ordered our tickets online and off we were to have a family vacation during the holidays. It was something I had never done before and was looking forward to it. Malachi stayed in the nursery for the first time and faired just fine. Cory and I were a little nervous the first day, but by the second and third day, we were okay. I was able to go and feed her when ever I needed to and the staff was great. The snowboarding and skiing on the other hand is a different tale. Learning in Utah I feel has been a great disservice. I'm spoiled when it comes to the snow. Gabriel loved taking boarding lessons and was so tired at the end of each day. The best part was snuggle time at the end of each day.

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